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One Life Brewing

Ty Stevenson

Ty decided he wanted to move to Spain and start a brewing business in 2018, a year later that's exactly what he did, in a very unorthodox way ;]

He joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 with his grandparents signature, they raised him, went to college to get his business degree and was first in his family to do both these things. After college he got in to construction management, his whole family does construction, but he hated it... After three months he quit his high paying job to pursue a career that provides him more happiness and enjoyment as that's what life should be about. He started brewing beer...

He started his first brewing business helping homebrewers with their water chemistry for brewing beer at the age of 23, he became vice president of his homebrew club which he was active in until the day he left for Spain. He became an assistant brewer of a 14bbl brew house, then a head brewer of a 3.5bbl brew house as well as the taproom manager where he opened and closed the doors every day, as well as brewed and sold all the beer for this small brewery. He has won multiple brewing awards for his homebrew and been told that his beer is the best they have ever tasted.


Ty went to travel Europe (first time out of the country), after leaving the small brewery, where he started a traveling beer blog and had a whole page article written about him in Brew Your Own Magazine for his beerscapades. When he got home he decided he wanted to start a brewery in Spain, but do to his recent 3.5 months of traveling Europe, needed money to live so he started working for Stone Brewing to simply make money while planning his brewing business out in Spain. 

After working at Stone for 6 months, Ty went to India to get his Yoga Teaching Certification and upon his leaving India, never came back to California, but instead moved to Barcelona for 2 months to figure out his brewing business. While in Barcelona he met many connections and has now started brewing and selling his beer in Spain under his own brand called "One Life Brewing" which is a Dutch based company. He also does beer consulting in India, Bahrain, Dubai, and other emerging beer markets.

Ty says that "I try to live an extremely worthy and eventful life, doing the things most aren't willing to do and wanted a beer brand of my own to represent my lifestyle and the events I undertake." Thus ONE LIFE was created

Ty enjoys yoga, audiobooks, traveling, drinking, smoking, good conversations about life, deep thought, running, and many other life enhancing activities. 

If you want to get in touch, he is a very easy person to talk with and would love to hear from you!

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